Wind Through The Willows with SK

Wind Through The Willows.

#painted upholstery#painted fabric

 An old cracked leather chair deserves additional life with SK

My first go round with this cracked leather chair didn't turn out brilliantly. I could not fix or disguise the leathers multiple cracks.

My decision to cover the old leather was a hard one. I so wanted to keep the old leather. Twas not to be.

Using painters canvas tarp, I covered the entire fabric of the chair.

I then began to paint. That's what happens when a blank canvas is dropped into my lap.

I could not find a braid the correct color, so using the chalk paint to dye the braid and it came through with flying colors. Sorry bad pun... 
Chickadees gather to share warmth on this cold winter day, on the only branch they could find. Lucky they chose my chair. Thank to the Graphic Fairy for the pretty birds. The Graphic Fairy is the very best place to find amazing graphics.
My design was an attempt at simplicity. Hmmmmm.

I will be sealing this canvas with Scotch Guard fabric protection. Waxing her is not an option because the wax isn't truly "clear".  It yellows fabric a bit.

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