A Life Long Wedding Round Four. The Cake & Specialty Florals

The Cake

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A Life Long Wedding Round Three, The Cake Stand

The Cake with SK

Kimmies cake was dreamt of for many years. Her favorite flavors, colors and the lines of cake were all important.

Over twelve hundred invitations were sent, so this meant we needed a larger than normal cake with many flavors.

She wanted to make sure it tasted fabulous on top of looking stupendous....

The cake design was sketched and re-sketched, then drawn to scale in color.

Because the cake would have five layers and be over 50" tall and weigh more than a hundred pounds, a typical cake stand would never do.

I turn to what I know, and I knew this cake needed a very special and sturdy cake stand.

A Life Long Wedding Round Two. Flower Girls

I love my friends, I love my friends, I love my friends...Just Keep On Saying It.

With the backdrop complete it is time to move on to other elements of this wedding event.
Seven to be exact. All different sizes, ages and shapes.

I ordered five hundred yards of gray tulle. The inspiration for these little tu tu's came from Pinterest, Where else?

A Life Long Wedding Round One. Kimmie's Paper Flowers


It's not often an artist has the privilege of planning an event such as this. And I'm not totally sure how to document the three months of work and planning.

Kimmie asked me at the age of ten, if I would "do" her wedding when she grew up. Of course I said yes. That was twenty some odd years ago. I had no idea of what I was in for.