So Many Black Stripes with SK

SK's yard sale find. $5.00 with broken legs.  #painted upholstery#painted fabric#chalk painted upholstery

The fabric is in pretty good condition. The nailheads are all there. The tapestry fabric had no tears, so my custom chalk paint would work great.
My personal favorite chalk paint recipe is: 
2 parts flat latex paint
1 Part Calcium Carbonate, Ground white chalk
A couple tablespoon water
Mix till all lumps are gone
And I mix throughout my painting project as well.

I dampen the fabric with a spray bottle,  and start at the top and paint downward. Very light coats. I took 3 coats to cover. I find it interesting that the tapestry fabric looks amazing as the coats of paint dry.

I started the wood arms and legs by silver foiling.
After the black stripes were dry I drew my design on with white chalk.
Not liking the first design, I washed the chalk design off and started again.
You might notice the woodwork is now old gold foil. I wasn't happy with the silver.

I have some pretty diamond gold buttons going on next.
Black penned details are starting to appear.

Not bad for five bucks...

After the final artwork was finished, I used a clear paste wax, rubbing the wax in circular motions.
When the wax was dry, I started buffing. I repeated this three times.

The wax made the gerber daisy appear golden and glow a bit.
Love it.
It feels like a fine leather.

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