Oak to Copper and Rust with SK

From Oak to Copper and Rust with SK

We are well on our way to having an actual bathroom...

While the snow falls, I find time to play in my new fanciful bath. While it looks like this from my bath window,
 I am staying warm working

The oak dresser I converted into a bath vanity is finally being installed. I thought it would never happen.

Dominoes. That's what it's like on a from scratch project. One thing has to happen first, then the next thing. On and on and on, until you can finally see what you visioned coming to life.

The before and afters tell quite a story. SK's Dresser Vanity Saga
The brick has yet to be whitewashed and lettered with antique store signs. The penny and glass shower are next. The claw foot tub is waiting details.

So I hope you stay tuned for the next crazy detailed fairy tale.

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