SK and The Graphics Fairy

SK and The Graphics Fairy

It is always a joy when a creation is given attention by a very sought after company such as The Graphics Fairy.

The Graphics Fairy Features,  Preview and Projects

This is just too much fun. This graphic website is the best for those of us wanting to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

The amazing site has opened up a world of graphics and designs for artists around the world.
This is the latest Preview from The Graphics Fairy.

Thanks to The Graphics Fairy I have found an unlimited source of graphics ready and at my disposal. 

Salt Lake Valley Silver Spoon Cake

I thought you might enjoy my daughter and her cake creations in Salt Lake Valley. Her company is called Silver Spoon Cake. and her blog showing how she creates her fun cakes can be found at:

I am so proud of her. She not only creates beautiful cakes in the Salt Lake City area, they taste as amazing as they look.

She has taken her God given talent and run with it in an amazing and totally unexpected way.

Darcy is a creative event planner and chef. She can be found here:

Thanks for visiting. sk on elderberry

Tiny, Tiny Bath with SK

I have fun with tight spaces, especially baths. I have been known to go a little crazy with fun, bright colors and patterns.