SK's Disc-Seeder planter

SK's Wheat Planter

I have dreamed of this for forty years. I spent a lot of hours with my dad on the old tractor, pulling this to plant wheat over hundreds of acres. I'm sure he's up there smiling.

In great shape, this 1920's-1940"s disc planter would be valued in the thousands. I simply could not find it in myself to pay these kind of overpriced "collectors" antiques. I found mine in an overgrown field.  As he had been rashly dumped, was pushed from a truck upside down, the wheels, struts and seed bins were in bad shape. And all was covered with old timbers and grass.

But I could see possibilities. And I bargained the seller to an astonishing price of $65.00. Woo whoo! I found the dream actually possible.

A very good friend, Dave Duarte Construction helped me drag it from the two foot tall grass, lift it onto a flatbed truck and haul it home.

Dave placed it at the exact right angle for a great view from the street.

Marked, positioned, set and flowered.
So thrilled. A lifetime dream accomplished.  Yippee

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My Ron's Tables

Ron & SK's Custom Built Tables From Scrap Wood.

As a person such as me and my hubby builds their thirty-sixth home, it gives a person pause as to what is truly important.

I love the patina of history. I grew up on an isolated farm where the nearest friend was miles away. It seems very strange in this day and age that people could still be growing up without indoor plumbing.

That was my humble home life till the age of ten. And we were very happy. Loving the farm and animal life that came along with what country life entails.

I love rust. I love tarnished copper and brass. Everything my father tried to prevent, I do on purpose. I use Modern Masters Metal Effects Paints

Ron keeps most all our wood scraps from the building project for future stuff or for the wood stove.

I recently scrambled  through this growing pile of wood scrap. I discovered what looked to be really cool old 2x8' and 2x12's long distorted and warped timbers covered in concrete. They had been part of the foundation concrete pour.

This is the design Ron built for me for a large family farm table. And using these old scarred scraps,  It turned out exquisite. After he was finished joining all his pieces, he gave it over to me to make my mark. Which you know I have no trouble doing. Ever...
I was a bit apprehensive to begin. I didn't want to take the chance of ruining what he had worked so hard to create.

As I designed this little house over looking the Idaho Rockies, one of my most favorite colors came online with  Ree Drummond at:Top Ten Faves

Here are a few of her amazing links.

Her designs contain some of my favorite and much used colors. This was the impetus for the back porches color scheme. Red, Teal, Cream and my own custom black chalk paint. I always make my own personal chalk paints. Rather than pay upwards of $49.00 per quart of paint, I mix my own for $2.50 per quart. I only mix what I am going to need per project.

I played with the beautiful floral design that is center of The Pioneer Woman's dinner plates. Coming up with my own interpretations.
I decoupaged the inner edge of the table with a black and white damask and added a chess board on one end and a checkers board on the opposite end.
 I painted the background an old cream, over a crackle finish. Then stained with a dark chocolate brown and wiped it off quickly.

We built a little buffet using paper birch for legs cemented into the stamped concrete for stability.
The plans for this outdoor space are ongoing. It is to have a tin corrugated roof with growing vines and hanging lighting from the beams interior.

This is the view from this space. And now you know why this space is so precious.

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