DIY Traveling Show and Marketplace with SK

I'm Goin' to DIY Painters Boot Camp

Dagsboro, Delaware
Three intensive days of workshops, learning, teaching, giving and taking...
My kind of fun.

We will split up into companies of six to eight. Each company has been given weeks of challenges preparatory to the actual event. Each challenge comes with time intensive research and labor. And must be accomplished and reported by a certain deadline to comply.

A few of these challenges have been:

Pick a team captain and a team name, start a private Facebook group for your team.

Create a Make and Take craft for the Saturday Market Place. You will be teaching your craft to a group of thirty. You have one hour to have this Saturday craft class finish.
We came up with a Pumpkin Bar. Pallet pumpkins would be made and brought to camp. All  kinds of bedknobs, buttons, piano parts and broomsticks, you get the idea, will be attached to each crafters pumpkin after she individually paints her pumpkin. 
I am delighted, and a bit taken aback when my designs were selected. SK Sartell, Custom Artist.  Work selected for Give and Take Market.
Create a social media promo advertising your team make & take using Canva or PicMonkey, Photoshop. Include- Team Name, photo(s) of your project, date & dress of the event and convey the message that $10 admission buys a whole DIY day experience.
Learning to post Facebook updates on a schedule.

Create a LIVE Facebook Video and post. This was so difficult. It's hard to look at frankly.
NOTE: Remember, these challenges would come to us on a spur of the moment and have a heavy deadline...Debi is fierce, I tell ya.

The entire point is to make sure each of us campers are up to date on every valuable tool which can help us market our individual skills. Brilliant, Scheming woman. Debi is determined make us more valuable and knowledgeable by start of camp. I am so LOST. Learning curve is tough, but doable.

As the days flash by, each new challenge forces us to step out of our little comfort bubble. AND get to know our company mates. Who each have amazing stuff to add to the mix of success.
Debi Beard and her most excellent DIY Paint.  

 Dionne Wood, AKA The Turquoise Iris.
Dionne Woods You Tube Tutorials
This is the place to be for like minded people. A once in a lifetime chance to mingle with a few of the country's best artists. 

Yup, that's me right there. Going to travel across the entire country to breathe some crazy artist air.

Fragile Old Bench with SK

Deb's Fragile Old Bench

I've come to expect the best from the Graphics Fairy. I'm always delkighted to find exactly what I need when undergoing a project.
Thank you to The Graphics Fairy for the nice review. 
Using The Graphics Fairy graphic, the words were changed to my clients estate name.
The bench had been out in the elements, freeze and heat of Eastern Washington State for decades. She challenged me! How amazing, people actually believe I can fix cool stuff.

He literally had to be restored, screwed, filled and sanded several times. Although he is still fragile, wood glue and screws have made him a bit more sturdy.

After sanding one last time, I mixed a soft cream from my custom chalk paints and painted the entire surface. It was sanded and painted an additional two times, sanding in between coats.
The decorative elements had been made from cheap plywood which had split and warped. Trying to figure out what I could use in their place was a challenge.

The support brackets are only 1/2". Should I cut a new element or choose something a bit more fun.

I chose a powdered coated metal iron baluster from Lowes, which I cut down to the correct size needed for the spaces.
  I have linked the picture to my supplier.

I hand carved slots into the back of the bench to fit the cut baluster pieces. They were epoxied into place with a small molding to finish.
My first inspiration didn't look as I envisioned.
The graphic was too large, overwhelming the bench.
The inside of the lidded storage area is lined with a pretty damask paper, although the bench will spend the rest of it's life in a protected area. I sealed this interior with a weather proof sealer, 
I am lucky to have had a small part of this homes design. This client has excellent taste and wished for her old farmhouse to be brought into it's next fifty years. Almost a 1000+ sq. ft. was added to the original home.

I was thrilled to draw these building plans.

A new entry, stairs and kitchen was essentially the entire remodel.
Beautiful furniture to follow. A massive black, eight foot tall armoire  will find a new home on the wall to the left.

Deb travels extensively. She always brings back unique treasures.
Again, I am fortunate to have been a part of this beautiful home.

It was recommended to glue these pieces on with rubber cement. I didn't have great luck with that. I used a two part mixed epoxy.
The front bottom panel was also covered with the damask paper. 
After sanding once again, I repainted the entire piece. The next step is to wash with a warm chocolate glaze and wipe off. You can wash as much off as you like. 
I like the old look.

I silver foiled the damask raised design. Then sanded it back. Just a touch of shiny...

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