Design Trip to Salt Lake City

Texas With Nana

Tex is an amazing boy. He is not only very cute but is brilliant. He has requested that I remake his private space.(his room)

So here we go. I am traveling to Salt lake to remake two children's rooms.

Lizzie Rose and Texas Keith.

Lizzies is inspired by her middle name. Rose. Her quilt, wall painting and new little table will be her secret little world designed and painted especially for her.

Tex is an Americana aficionado.  He loves old cars, planes and anything rusty. I have decided to make his room in the true American colors of old red, white and blue. The walls are going to be painted a linen wash denim blue. Old metal planes, cars and signs will take his imagination up a notch.
I made a true to size licence plate with his name and date of birth. This was painted with Modern Masters Metal Effects Paint. Iron and copper.

SK Sartell and the Diamond Bar R Ranch

Once In A Lifetime

A moment (a lifetime) ago I was asked to help design a log cabin in the woods. The log cabin became an amazing estate called The Diamond Bar R Ranch.

What an honor to be part of such an incredible project.
The Diamond Bar R Ranch sits on over seven hundred acres on the Little Deschutes River in La Pine Oregon. The North facing home has a view of Sisters Mountain range.

SK's Sweet Lizzie Rose

A pretty little project for a pretty little girl. 

SK's Vain Pink Lady

So Sad. So Glad

This poor little lady had seen better days, heck she had seen better centuries. I was really hopeful we could save her.