Elderberry and SK's Finished Bath

Finishing with Light & SK

It's been a long road of discovery, designing, building and living in many homes. This journey has recently become more delightful. And not so "SK re-inventing the wheel" mode.

As we grow and expand our homes environment, it's amazing to see the difference as our tastes change and mature.

As a farm girl, I grew up with very simple, handmade fixtures. My father was a genius when it came to creating a beautiful piece, from very little.

I grew with a farm, cottage and industrial background. We created with what we had. That might be a light hung from the end of a pipe. I understood this wasn't what others might consider beautiful or elegant. But it became beautiful to my eye, as I saw this necessary element coming from what we could scavenge.

Now this design element has become commonplace. Farm/Industrial. A little sparkly here and there. The influence my farm life had on my end results.

I have had the pleasure to be invited to work with Parrot Uncle Lighting.


 Shadow Painted Signage

Professional Pictures Will Be Posted When Completed.
5,600 copper penny shower floor
Black raw iron pipe and fittings to hang clear glass shower walls.

With the re-introduction of the iconic Edison light bulb, design elements farm and industrial have gone from very common, to delightfully uncommon. We found a deep well of lighting, which up until a few years back, we had very little chance of finding. I found myself building my own versions of what I thought would work in my designs and spaces.

Working as a custom general contractor and designer on cottages, built dating back to the 1920's was a challenge. Finding the correct style of lighting was difficult and or very expensive. More times than not, I would end up creating and building my own designs from salvaged parts.As salvaging and saving old craftsman style cottages began to be popular, lighting designers began to take notice.It's a serendipitous moment as you discover others of like mind. Giving builders, designers and ultimately the homeowner, a better resource for the much needed finishing touches in lighting.
As my home is in it's final stretch, I couldn't be more excited to have an abundance of great lighting to choose from. Not just the run of the mill stuff you see on a everyday basis. Parrot Uncle's lighting can alter any rooms ambiance.  
This couldn't have come at a better time for our own new home. I was struggling to find unique lights. I hate to be bored and after all the labor and love which has gone into this new home, I hated to have the same-old-same-old lights everyone else was using. Just wasn't going to work. I cannot stand to be bored...
So as I spend hours perusing Parrot Uncle. I am finding just the right elements to complete my one-of-a-kind home.                

I love my bath lighting. It finishes an awkward lighting dilemma. Parrot Uncle came to my rescue and I thank them. More orders to come...I now know where I can purchase nicely styled lighting for my projects.

Thank you Parrot Uncle for your delightful addition to my new home. SK Sartell

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