What Makes A Professional, Professional?

Professional? SK Sartell

With a history as sketchy as mine, the art and design lessons learned over forty five years must surely be of some use as I get older. You would think...

As I begin a creative project I really try to "see" what I am trying to achieve. This imagining can be a far cry from reality as most of you know. But sometimes we get it spot on and sometimes we're not even close.

Take for example this little well loved table given to me by my secret garage shopper. She seems to trust me. Heavens.

More Old Finish Fun With SK

Old Pine To Metal

I'm still having fun with experimental paint finishes. This is about my most favorite so far. I keep looking around my house to see what else I can refinish. My concrete countered island is next. 

More Old Finish Fun With SK
I was given this great old bench by a garage saler in my area, knowing I wouldn't leave it as it was.
More Old Finish Fun With SK

Color Me Antique

SK's Wood Frosting and Modern Masters Oxidizing Paints

SK Sartell, Wood Frosting & Modern Masters Paints

I'm having a blast working with some "new to me products". First I love texture and have found a great long lasting texture to use with hand-cut stencils. Then I tackled metal reactive paints from Modern Masters Paints.