SK's Queen of Everything and Princess of Pretty Much

Queen of Everything and Princess of Pretty Much 

by SK Sartell

SK and Hometalk Interview

Hometalk and SK

I recently had the honor of being interviewed by Tikva at Hometalk for their brand spanking new Behind the Screen platform. I think I was the guinea pig, being the first interview for this new Hometalk project.
 Tikva Morrow, Hometalk
Tikva Morrow, Hometalk
Interview might not be the correct term. We had so much fun. She has a light and airy spirit which is curious about the world around us. We conversed for over an hour and had an instant connection from thousands of miles apart.
Her fun and intuitive questions tried to keep us on track. Despite me she was successful for the most part. Although we spoke on many topics, our personalities just clicked and we just had way to much fun. A comment was made, " who knew when I picked up the phone this morning, I would find a friend and kindred spirit on the other end of the line." Those kind of connections are hard to come by. And I thank Tikva for her sharing her joy of life with me.

Thank you for a beautifully written article, but thank you more for the sweet connection which was made.

I hope you will enjoy the outcome of Tikva's and my time spent together. It was a blast and made me smile for days.


Hometalk is an amazing place for creators of any art, be it food, design, paint or a multiple and endless variations of the word art. The Hometalk home is a marvelous spot to share, ask questions and get great feedback.


Behind the Screen: The Art of Exposing Pipes and Carving Concrete

Everyday, brave Hometalkers face the chaos of the world standing tall with their tools, and tackle the boring or broken spaces of homes in need of improvement. Against monotony, clashing patterns, and abandoned junk yards, they risk everything to bring creativity and beauty to their lives and the lives of those around them, and to share that creativity with the world through their computer screens. These are their stories.

In In the foothills of Oregon, surrounded by forests, an hour away from the beach, and with a variety of different terrains any which way you turn, is a charming barn bursting with vivid color and wild personality. Inside, SK Sartell, a multi-media artist, carves concrete, sculpts and paints furniture, and weaves trellises. This home is much smaller than the large property housing a B&B, where she and her husband lived before, but this house is styled perfectly to her taste and preference. SK and her husband, who is a general contractor, took all the charm of their old space, and crammed it into every nook and cranny of their new house, creating each feature by hand and giving each room vibrant color and expressive character.
Color is, afterall, an intimate friend of SK's. SK grew up on a farm where the closest neighbor was an hour away. Roaming in the sagebrush hills as a child gave her a feel for color and texture, and the spirit and effervescence they lend to life. It also convinced her that she could do anything.
SK has never believed in words like "no" or "can't." She's done things people told her were impossible or were just "not the correct way," but she believes that, "a professional is someone who can fix their own screw-ups." SK says that when a plumber once saw the open display of copper coil pipes under her sink, he protested, but had no good response when SK asked simply, "why not?" She and her husband have created some pretty crazy designs at home, but each is incredibly beautiful and interesting.
Most of the materials SK needs for her work are not your average crafting materials, like her cement mixer and handmade tiles, but she can find what she needs nearby in Portland, OR.
Though her entire home is incredible, SK's favorite parts are the downstairs multi-functional area, which literally has everything from her kitchen to her workspace, and her bedroom, which is a calming sanctuary with a bed made from two antique doors. But the creation SK gets the most joy from is a set of four pieces: The remarkably sculpted fridge, the two french door cabinets beside it, and the tiled fireplace that they surround - all are crafted in the same vibrant red, and all make her smile whenever she passes them. The refrigerator itself is a masterpiece, styled after a vintage steam trunk, and made with some sculpted Wood Frosting putty and Modern Master Metal Effects Paint.
SK wants her creations to be part of the larger wonderful creation that she's found in life, and she encourages creativity wherever she sees it. Her home is often visited by her four children and ten grandchildren, and they never leave without painting with her and taking home a new piece.
SK believes that Hometalk is meant for appreciating each other and inspiring each other. She doesn't take negative feedback for her unique artistic eye too seriously - she believes that everyone has their own style, and there's beauty to each one, even though there is great difference between them. She's especially drawn to people experimenting with paint and color, and bringing salvaged things back to life.
Now that you know all about SK Sartell, keep up with her posts and projects, by following her on Hometalk and checking out her Hometalk profile page.

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