Turning Light On It's Head With SK

I hate boring lights. Oh let's admit it I hate being bored. Ever

As you might know I get bored easily. And I swear I'm not ADD...

This light was slightly pretty and best of all free...So let's see if I can completely ruin it by taking it apart.

I dislike electricity. Or just am scared of getting zapped. It makes my heart stutter.
But that doesn't stop me from playing with lights. Most all new lighting can be disassembled.
Unscrew all the parts. Make a drawing which shows how it goes back together if you screw it up...Never

Now try to figure out a way to put it all back together. Upside down no less.

Wiring. Not my strong talent.

In the meantime. Get your hair cut...
Add a few pretty embellishments, Edison bulbs, Paint and wa la, my new light for my studio.

Ron always turns my creations on first, in case of explosions...

Thanks for visiting. sk

Thanks for visiting.