Built In 1940 Doesn't Make You Old.

This little 1940's home is built like a brick on ten acres of amazing Northern Idaho Mountains. As I re-design and the endless projects come to fruition we see a gem emerging. This will be a wonderful, warm and cozy home. Complete with an unfinished basement to design. Hmmmmm...Giddy thoughts.

As we complete projects I will update with pictures. This little house is 8 hours away so it's impossible to work every weekend.

An Old West Themed Wedding

Thought and thousands of hours were needed to bring this western themed wedding to a successful conclusion

 A full musical was performed on the specially constructed stage

 I have planned and carried out many a wedding and event but this one was over the top. And I just did the final touches of floral on the three tiered cake and the brooch bridal bouquet.. Boy was I glad this is all I was expected to do..
 Burlap and Lace.

Fresh Flowers finish Summer's three layer cake. 

 A pretty antique cupboard was used to display the delicate chocolate espresso
 and white chocolate cupcakes.

Lemon Poppy Seed with Blackberry frosting and Drizzle

From Ugly Yellow To Painted Faux Granite

  There are those kitchens that make you want to gag when you step into them. This old 50's kitchen has those ugly yellow tiles, I swear must have been left over from some old hospital job. The builder must have had them in a shed somewhere. Hmmmm....I know let's use them is this kitchen. Ugh!

Chef Darcy of Silver Spoon Catering

What mother wouldn't take the opportunity for bragging rights! 

Daughter Darcy, or should I say Chef Darcy is continuing her quest of the best food possible.
Visit her sites and get your holiday orders in soon.

 We Love you and am so proud of you Darce.  Mom



SK's Newest Children's Book
Hand-painted original watercolor