Little Black Dress Chairs and a Little, Ohhh Shiny

These solid oak chairs had seen many years of red velvet and were begging for a facelift. We found them at a thrift store for twenty nine dollars. Score!

With thousands of brass nail heads the dismantling took forever. The fun stuff found under the fabric was disgusting.

The foam was in great condition so I didn't need to replace, which was a gift in itself.

They look like they could have come out of a boudoir in the red light district.

I painted the wood with a Hammered Bronze spray paint from Rustoleom.  As I started the silver leafing process I found I liked the random cracked effect better than a solid silver. This cracking shows the bronze undercoat.

Before starting the re-upholstering I painted black canvas with several different diamond black on black coats. After this was dry I began the damask process.

The pretty broaches were a final little flirty touch.  I outlined all the white graphics with a silver liner pen.

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As Fall Falls

First of all, I as SK Sartell am not a witch. But certainly have fun with the season of All Hallows Eve. Here is my contribution to this fun Fall season.
I just took an old pair of pointy toes boots and added tape and glitter. I then used metal painted washers for the shoestring holes and painted the heels white with a chocolate dot.

I searched Pinterest for several different variations to this fun little craft.

Chef Darcy at Silver Spoon Cake created these cuties just for fun.

Fall apple harvest and juicing weekend. I had such fun painting faces. Even the adults participated.
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Wild Horses with SK

A thirty year old spring horse was my latest challenge. My client didn't want him to look original. She gave me free reign (get it?) to create a one-of-a-kind piece.

After this pretty pony was sanded and bonding primed, it was time to add a few details in sculpturing.

 With the help of Modern Masters Metal Effects Paint I was able to rust his mane, tail and hooves. His saddle is patine d copper. The blanket is a deep warm Burgundy red.

The body is painted a deep chocolate and then glazed with a crackle medium. After these coats are dry, I painted him in an antique cream and after the crackle has cured, I glazed him with a deep chocolate glaze and varnish.

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Before The Red by SK

This spacious kitchen was very utilitarian but lacked a bit of color and flash. I am here to fix that...We had remodeled this kitchen taking the 1945 kitchen space into this century.

The counters are now a chocolate concrete and the cabinets started out as white off the shelf storage. The pantry is a custom built 4'x6' country style cabinet which I designed and built for the space and then painted green. Dated...It needed a face lift and a exciting spot of color.

Cabinet Before Painting:
 Pantry Cabinet After Painting and Sculpturing

Kitchen Before Painting:

Priming the concrete counter tops

 After the base coat of deep chocolate was dry I began to stencil a damask pattern in several different colors of cocoa and light  cream. When this was dry I glazed the entire counter top with a deep chocolate glaze.
 The finished counters were given four coats of Spar varnish for durability. Sanding between each coat of varnish.  This will be as durable as a granite counter at a much lower cost. The once a year coat of varnish will take this beautiful counter into the next century.
Kitchen After Painting:

The cabinets were from several different decades and quality. We sanded and primed them with a bonding primer. These took four coats of high quality paint in the same red as the pantry.

When they were cured I sanded the edges back for a worn look. I then glazed them with a chocolate glaze and varnished.

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Painted Canvas Pillow Talk with SK

Painted Canvas and Burlap Pillows for A Special Client.

Jet black beading, fun buttons, painted ribbon and burlap flowers.

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Scrappy Pumpkins with SK

With a few canvas scraps left over from other projects, I was inspired by a cute no-sew pumpkin tutorial. Quick and easy for those of us who are challenged with more difficult projects.

Thanks to  Kristy at Three Peppers:
for the detailed instructions.

I used burlap ribbon for my stems and curlycews. And green painted burlap for leaves. I loved the simplicity of the pumpkins without faces. I might paint a few scraps of burlap black and pin on faces for Halloween. Then for fall and Thanksgiving just keep them simple.

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Past Perfect

Amazing Past Perfect Dresser
I am anxious to re-create this look.  I would like to experiment with decorative paper and Modern Masters Metal Effects Iron Paint to get this look. Incredible color...

How amazing is this original hand-painted dresser? Take a long look at the original painted and papered artwork.

You can read all about Leslie's discovery of this beautiful piece. Thanks Leslie for sharing.

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