Black Damask Refrigerator with SK

From Plain and Ugly to a French Armoire with SK


I hate refrigerators. They are a blank hole in the wall. We buy them in all sorts of colors and textures, cover them in magnets and post-it notes. Still ugly as far as I'm concerned.

I sanded and using a bonding primer, primed this black textured fridge.

It is painted with my custom chalk paint in flat black. The stencils are painted in gloss black.

I wanted to create the illusion of an antique French armoire. This needed depth was created with 1/4"x3" sanded wood. I used a bonding glue to create different sections. They were then painted black.

I love damask design. Using a black and cream damask tissue paper from Hobby Lobby, I decopouged the diffeent sections. I use a satin poly to decopouge my papers. I like the look, feel and durability it provides.
Hobby Lobby
I sanded the paper and antiqued it with a chocolate glaze.

Using Hard Rock putty and stencils, I create 3-D designs which I paint in 
These fun knobs were purchased at Hobby Lobby of course.
I topped the piece with a rusted wrought iron scroll. The cabinet over the fridge is the same depth as the fridge, making it possible to create the illusion of being a part of the armoire.
  The Graphic Fairy design is very subtle, but so sweet.                                 Thanks Graphic Fairy                                              
Does it still look like a typical fridge? Maybe not. But it sure has more personality.
Thanks for visiting. SK on Elderberry