SK Adding To Her French Blues

Adding to SK's French Blues

The set of French blue is continuing with a re-built headboard.

This little headboard was on it's last leg, having been stored for many years it consisted of faux birds eye maple and tin. I start by taking the headboard apart and accessing the parts I hope I can salvage.
The knobs are created using curtain finials and paint. I was trying to copy the porcelain knobs found at Hobby Lobby which I used on the previously finished desk and bedside table.
Many layers later, I am finally getting a small resemblance to the original knob. I used several mixed colors of blue. crimson, aqua and white. I finished with four layers of polyurethane. Sanding between coats.

The bed is rebuilt with fence posts, two by twelves and two by fours. I routed the top of each post. The legs are counter sunk screwed to the backboard. I added a two by four at the bottom for stability and a one by four laid flat on the top. I then used a jigsaw to cut my two by twelve into a curved top shape. I used four inch screws and countersinking them into the post I could then attach the routed curved piece to the top.

 I used a decorative carved leaf patterned  piece of wood to cover the gaps left by the irregular warping of the old headboard.

The sanding take time and effort. I do love to paint smooth wood. I can control paint effects better on smoother surfaces.

The base coat is a soft French blue. Three coats with sanding between.

The Fairy Graphics always have a place on fun surfaces. And this French Blue headboard is no exception.

I used a small damask scroll stencil to add the 3-d designs.

I can always find exactly what I am looking for at
The bird in the leaf scroll frame is a continuing theme with The French Blues. You can see more of this set at:

When the paint is dry and the graphics have cured I wash the entire piece with a white lime wash. I then use a clear paste wax and buff to a soft shine.

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