A Life Long Wedding Round Four. The Cake & Specialty Florals

The Cake

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With the successful cake tasting now complete, we knew the hard work was just beginning.

My daughters are both proficient in wedding cake design and creation and I was very glad to have them take over the task of actually baking, filling and frosting the cakes. Each layer was to be a different texture and flavor of frosting.

Chef Darcy of Silver Spoon Cakes of Salt Lake City and Summer Heather Lakey of Salem, Oregon are my talented daughters whom got roped into creating this one-of-a-kind wedding cake.

Five separate layers. Each layer also has three separate layers filled with a mousse filling.
The largest bottom layer is a 16" round, 8" tall chocolate cake with a cream chocolate mousse filling. The buttercream frosting was also chocolate covered with silver and gray dragees.

The second layer is 14" round, 8" tall vanilla bean cake with a lemon mousse filling with smooth vanilla buttercream frosting and a pink silk ribbon.

The third layer is a 12" round, barrel 10" tall chocolate cake with another fudge mousse filling and a smooth vanilla buttercream frosting with raindrops of pink and silver dragees.

The fourth layer is a 10" round 8" tall vanilla bean cake with a lemon curd filling. A stucco style white vanilla buttercream frosting.

The final and top layer is a 8" round 6" tall chocolate with chocolate mousse filling and a vanilla buttercream frosting covered with pink antique lace.

Each layer was baked in order and then kept chilled. We assembled the first two layers, then the second two separately. This kept us from having to transport more than two layers at a time.

The cake was assembles on her very own silver leaf cake stand.  Summer and Darcy kept up the pace for our five o'clock deadline.
It took two hours to assemble all five layers and add the final piping.
With the top layer being almost forty-five inches off the floor, I needed a ladder to start placing fresh flowers on the cake. My heart stopped several times as the cake swayed...But it held firm.
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Now it was up to me to finish with a walk-in cooler full of fresh flowers. 
          Our bride was even willing to help.

The brides mom and dad were the eight extra arms and smiles we needed. The grooms mom and brothers were an amazing God-Send. We were so very lucky to have such wonderful friends and clients to work with. This was my last wedding (until little sister gets married I guess.)

The floral on the cake took me almost two hours to complete. Whew!
Roses, orchids, Gerbera daisies, Miniature calla lilies,
 wild plums and huckleberry branches nestled into a bed of maiden hair fern.
Six hours later and I am putting the finishing touches on thirty-five unique arrangements.
I  painted clear glass vases to emulate antique mercury glass.
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Thank goodness for my girls. They pitched in to help with the smaller arrangements. 

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The largest of these florals stood almost five foot tall. Curly willow, wild blackberry and wild plum branches gave me the organic feel the bride had asked for.

Hanging candles and gems made each arrangement sparkle.

We all held our breaths as the couple cut the first slice of cake. Fall? Sway? Nope, 
and actually tasted amazing.

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Round Five will detail the hand painted poem backdrop and the couple's initials lit in pink. 
Also how to create pretty stands for three hundred hand-made truffles...
And the gift area can't be forgotten.