Falling For White Oaks

With fall here the need to decorate for the season has struck. It may be I just get tired of last season, but nonetheless I feel the need to break out the pumpkins and fally stuff.

With my personal design colors being purple, deep crimson and sage green, it can be very hard to find cool fall decorations. No longer.

I am currently reupholstering two slipper wing back chairs in deep wine red, the fireplace wall is still purple and the new couch is bomber jacket leather. Soooooooo........what now?

How do ya pull this off and put it all back together with these odd color companions. I have no choice. Let it be done. And like it.I am not an orange lover. In fact the only time orange is ever allowed is during fall. And the orange has to be an old burnt orange to boot. I have been able to find sunflowers with my deep red and purple mums.

I don't know about you, but I at times mindlessly meander craft stores. Wishing I could come up with something clever and new. Hmmmm..........Darcy beat me too it this year. Her creation is the one at the top of this post. So cute. But classy too.

I found these old plain wooden pumpkin signs. Very plain and Cheap. I like the cheap part. But can I make something out of them?

You might come up with a brilliant and clever idea and pass it on to me. But what I ended up with was simple and fun and didn't take but about five minutes.  Ta Da. Ok, OK don't  get snooty. Simple and fun that's my style right now.

I Cricut cut out the fall lettering and then searched outside for a cool oak leaf. I laid them on the pumpkin and quickly sponged around them with a burnt umber paint. With a permenant marker I put in a few details and curlycues. That' it. Oh and added some ribbon I just picked up at Costco. I can find great ribbon, cheap, for every holiday and have a collection of around fifty spools for all occasions. I Love Costco...

Until the chairs are finished and I can rearrange the furniture I'm not to worried.

I copied a design for the painted pillows I saw in a home magazine. I sewed simple old look canvas pillow covers and then painted the roosters and sunflowers for a late summer and into fall look. I love them. The back sides are painted with snowflakes and snowmen for the winter holidays. Just flip them over for the next holiday. Sweeeet.

I'm going to use some very sweet ideas I found on Pinterest to decorate pumpkins for a completely different look this year. I love the fancy nylon covered pumpkin. I have also been collecting black and white old buttons and will be pinning them on a pumpkin for a fun new look. I like the pumpkin spiced up with black ricrack too. Keep the great ideas coming.
Sunday PM: Well...Darcy beat me to it and made the best fall wooden pumpkins.
I do like hers better than mine. Dang.
I added it  and other coooool fall things to my Pinterest page: http://pinterest.com/sksart/
I LOVE Fall......