SK's Wildflower Mural

Hoping To Make Dreams True.

It's a tough task making new friends in a strange new location. Far away from family and lifetime buddies.

But this is what I must do. Although I'm more antisocial than most, I blame it on the artistic side of the brain. I seem to love being around amazing people. I soak up their talent like a dry sponge. But I grew up a very lone wolf.

So seclusion is not odd for me. I love the peace and silence. But it's a conundrum as I am inspired by joyful people.

So there it is. The split personality that is mine to bear.

Jo was one of the very first people to put her arms around me and welcome me to this Idaho Rocky Mountain, small town home.

I soon learned she was a masterful gardener, which I am not. (my farmer father would be ashamed)

Her gardens are a joy to behold and I can simply sit and watch the hummers spin around and through the colorfully lined flower paths.

She has a garden shed. Poor baby. Brown and neglected. I simply suggested an update. Who knew what I was getting into.

This is the first proposed mural.

My studio is yet to be completed. The roof was going on as I painted.

The painting was inspired by these lovely wild gardens.

Her whimsical fairies are a delight. I found one around every corner. Hidden or dancing in a corner of delphiniums. 
I used a heavy duty painters tarp for this mural. When push came to shove, the owners couldn't and wouldn't take the chance of having to leave the mural if they chose to move. 
So canvas it was to be.

After dampening the canvas, we stretched and stapled the fabric to a plywood backing. I primed both sides of the canvas three times.  As the canvas dried, it became taut.

Favorite flowers, a favorite verse and beloved animal and insect visitors.


As the mural was completed, I painted a clear matte marine varnish on both sides of the canvas.

The completed mural canvas,  was re-stretched on it's new garden shed home. Each edge was sealed with a primer and a frame was created to cover the attaching screws. 
We were blessed to have a local professional volunteer to make a timelapse video. In time we shall see how the work turns out.
Thank you Chuck. It was a pleasure working with you.
Chuck Smith, Sandpoint, Idaho Videographer.
Thanks for visiting. 

Thanks for visiting.