SK's Disc-Seeder planter

SK's Wheat Planter

I have dreamed of this for forty years. I spent a lot of hours with my dad on the old tractor, pulling this to plant wheat over hundreds of acres. I'm sure he's up there smiling.

In great shape, this 1920's-1940"s disc planter would be valued in the thousands. I simply could not find it in myself to pay these kind of overpriced "collectors" antiques. I found mine in an overgrown field.  As he had been rashly dumped, was pushed from a truck upside down, the wheels, struts and seed bins were in bad shape. And all was covered with old timbers and grass.

But I could see possibilities. And I bargained the seller to an astonishing price of $65.00. Woo whoo! I found the dream actually possible.

A very good friend, Dave Duarte Construction helped me drag it from the two foot tall grass, lift it onto a flatbed truck and haul it home.

Dave placed it at the exact right angle for a great view from the street.

Marked, positioned, set and flowered.
So thrilled. A lifetime dream accomplished.  Yippee

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