Just a few projects left....

One breath at a time. Each time a small part of this project is complete I sigh with relief and enthusiasm onto the next. 

 We have finished the old cabinetry ( an inherited TV cabinet we separated and put wire mesh doors on. This hides appliances and storage.) in antique red. The little fireplace is surrounded with a sparkling glass tile. These small details help bounce light in this small space.

The kitchen cabinets have finally been finished with a crown molding. This helps disguise the crooked ceilings and floors.Antique bubble glass will fill the cabinet door fronts. 

The outside front door approach is tiled and starting to grow grass between the stones.
Although I was a month late in getting the garden in, it seems to be taking over the back yard. We are enjoying the summer evenings.

I still love the old porch swing. It goes where I go.
We hear the rain on the old tin roof making me want to snuggle down in front of my little fireplace and read a good book. But who has time to read? Hmmmmmmm....

Ron is starting to think we're done....I just let him dream.

The stairs don't need a handrail but I didn't like the plain cream wood. Sooooo. I am trying my hand at tangle drawing in permanent pen. If I hate the results, no worries. I can just repaint and do something different.
Families initials are tangled in there somewhere.

When I am happy with results I will be antiquing and sanding for that cool worn look.

Thanks for visiting. We are getting pretty cozy in our little 640 Sq. Ft home.