SK's New Cottage

From Old Leaning Structure To Fun New Cottage
by SK Sartell

This poor old building will  have a new life to live.  Built in the early 1910's and added on and on. Owners whom really didn't have a builders knowledge or skills.

We demolished the entire inside. Added all new electrical and plumbing. The total square footage is approximately 680 sq. ft.

With scavenged marble and granite and glass tiles I created a fun shower stall. Rules are there to break...This shower has seen many a washing and is still holding up great.

I used water proof silicone to glue some of these custom cut tiles to the surface of the tile.
We named this The Tree Of Life.
The first floor consists of a new kitchen, office, living room and breakfast space. The upper level has a bath with the tree shower and bedroom with a walk-in closet. Each little space was designed by the half inch. Each space needed to be used as effectively as possible with little wasted space.
I sanded and painted the old round oak table. The top is two coats of cream that I sanded back. I added our french inspired name with a wax paper transfer. Here is a link with a tutorial on wax paper transfers.

 Graphic Fairy has amazing artwork.
The old existing concrete floors were covered with a wood floor and a diamond designed tile entry tile floor.

This very small space was designed for comfort, fun and efficient living.
The free-standing island with stove was created from 36" tall table legs and painted several different colors with a final antique white for the finish. I sanded this back to simulate age and use.

 The cabinets came from an old garage. The tall pantries had a previous life as a TV/entertainment center we then added mesh front doors.  I painted them chocolate and then red and sanded to antique.  

The chocolate concrete counters have a glass tile back splash. I love concrete counters. They WILL crack. Even the best laid concrete will have small hairline cracks. I use Mop and Glow to polish my concrete counters.

I used an old iron door mat as a pan hanger over the island.
I used old Ball canning jars to create the lighting.
The cafe benches have hinged lids for loads of storage. I then used bead board to finish all the surfaces, painted and antiqued like the island and cabinets. I added a little antique window in the interior wall between the entry and eating area.
The front doors are recycled french doors painted multiple colors. I used a plastic lace tablecloth and spray painted the last surface. I then sanded corners and areas to antique the look.

 I let them dry for 48 hours and then sanded and antiqued both sides.

As we start to finish the cabinets they will be topped with crown molding.

These beautiful rod iron oak leaf ( a gift from my friend and co-conspirator Georgia) holds up my small shelf. over the sink

 Our Family Tree.

This project is the cause of my long absence from my blog. Hopefully as these projects are finished I can spend more time showing how they were done.
We added a little electric fireplace in between the tall red cabinets. Built it on a platform and surrounded it with plywood and cream glass tile.

I love this little nest. With great design and thought going into each component this little cottage is a great hideaway.

See you soon.