SK's Studio

When design overloads the builder (my hubby)

Each of our new homes projects have been a bit overwhelming for my personal builder. We have been here for seven months and are finally working on the studio I have dreamed of for many, many years.

The studio has been dreamed of for so many years I can't recall where the ideas first began to be put down on paper.

The room has a private bath and work sink. The cathedral ceilings are fifteen feet high and face the eastern mountains.

I couldn't waste this view.

The roof trusses are designed and built to be cathedral ceilings looking over the mountain views and an extra bonus room for guests on the front side.

The roofs are all to be old fashioned corrugated tin.
I love the sound of rain on tin roofs. It's akin to music.
Displaying 20160726_194138.jpg 
These poor men are under a 80 degree sun. Talk about a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

As the roof is finished, I start laying out windows which have been gathering  dust for years.
My dream of a full window wall is coming to life. With questionable ideas and designs we begin to place over twenty windows.

The center view wall has a bump out which will be the home of a handmade trundle bed at night and during the day a nice place to watch the snow fall for inspiration.

As of today, the window wall is a third complete.

The plywood woods were miticulousy sanded, primed and then painted with Modern Masters Metal Effects Paint in Rust and copper patinas

My Hand-Built Bath Doors
My Deep Sinks.
This sweet little bay contains a trundle bed looking out over the mountains and cliffs. This has turned into a favorite spot for me and the cat Mr.

 From my bedroom door. Such stunning images, it's hard to grasp.

Copper and Rust Concrete Counters with SK

Painted Concrete with SK

I have been incognito for many months. We have moved to the Northern Idaho Rockies and in the middle of building our retreat. So I apologies for being slothful. And I'm anxious to be complete with the many projects I have planned.
I'm not a granite kind of girl. And I love concrete counter tops. I have created these hard surfaces in my last three homes. I can't seem to hurt them. And if they do get marred, I simply put on my painting clothes and go at it. Once every three years or so, I will sand lightly and apply another coat of clear finish hard coat. 
I love adding dimension to my counters with iron medallions and decorations.
SK on Elderberry Concrete Counters
The painting process has been a journey. And I'm finally thrilled with my results.

Modern Masters is the king. And I use their amazing products liberally. And I have never been disappointed.
This counter took four days to complete. It has several coats of primer, four coats of copper and rust paint.
 I love the variations and movement I can achieve with this technique.
I finished with three coats of a marine spar varnish.

Thanks for visiting. I will post as projects are finished.