Borei By Design and SK

Thanks Borei By Design for your Blog. How Fun!

Thanks to Holly at Borei By Design for her blog on my fun little poppy chairs.
Holly at Borei By Design is working with me on my next project. I love her black, gray and white logo, so I am incorporating it on an old leather english wing back chair. Will post as soon as he is complete. sk

UPDATE: Holly's Blog design is incorporated into my new chair. Take a look.

You can visit the Poppies page at:

#paintedupholsterThanks for visiting. sk on elderberry

Modern Masters Patinas with Artist SK Sartell

Thanks Modern Masters for Your Article Featuring SK Sartell

Thanks you for appreciating what I am creating.

It's not often you get to see your work highlighted as you have done and I thank you.



Thanks again Modern Masters.

Thanks for visiting. sk on elderberry