Paint Up To My Ears

I have held on to a "PINK" wing back chair for over twenty years. I just couldn't use it in lieu of it's color, but couldn't part with it because of it's quality.

My dilemma seemed to be endless. Keep-get rid of? Paint???????????Really?  I thought I knew a lot about paint, but never thought to fabric paint the chair. I didn't think there would be much to loose if I ruined it, so why not?

I found Kristy's tutorial on Pinterest and after four days of working now have a wonderful "new" chair in my sitting area in the kitchen.

I found her instructions very good. I found that when I kept the chair wet "misted" as I worked the color would blend better. The final fabric feels like canvas.


White Oaks Dresses For Christmas

Merry Christmas

With the Birth of our Savior and the celebrations we hold dear, I try to create a wonderful setting for the picture over our mantle. The picture stays up all year but at this time of year we cherish it a bit more.

We pray that you all may have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas.
The Sartell's