Old Gym Lockers with SK

Heavy Metal Gym Lockers with a New Finishes

Friends and cohorts are great to have on your side. I have several friends that save special finds for me.

I had designed my studio around three very special pieces of furniture. The old lockers being number one on my list.

These old gym lockers had stood outside in the weather for ten years by the time I got my hands on them. They had dents and rust galore.
I painted the interior with a spray primer that had been tinted aqua.
I then painted the interior of the doors with Modern Master Metal Effects Paints, copper and iron.
This color was chosen to match my studio floors.
Although the picture below seems to be a different color than the floors, they are actually the same exact paint and colors.

The exterior is painted with my copper and rust oxizing paints from Modern Masters.
Using  Hard Rock Putty paste and a vine stencil, I added a three-D design and painted it with the iron/rust oxizing paint.

 I screwed through the metal backs of the locker to my shiplap wall for security. When they are filled with my tools and paints it is very heavy.
The shelving is old wood. Adding and glueing pretty old black paper finishes the inside backs.

The finished lockers are placed on a shelf which hold all my stencils. We then crown molded the top and I painted it rust.
As my studio is finished one step at a time, the finished lockers are all I envisioned, as I dreamed of my amazing personal space.

Thanks for visiting. SK

SK Adding To Her French Blues

Adding to SK's French Blues

The set of French blue is continuing with a re-built headboard.

French Blues with SK

The French Blues

This "little" project was a joy to create. The old, rickety chairs, little desk and bedside table had seen better days.

Borei Design French Chicken with SK

A Snow Day (week) Project with Borei Design

I have three feet of snow outside my front door. And it's Still snowing. Snow Day! Holly's cute little French chicken will be a fun project as I can't get out anyway.

Thanks for sharing Holly.

painted-celluclay-chicken-rooster-tutorial-paper-mache decoupage-chicken-rooster-french-newspaper-tutorial

ProX & SK

ProX Home Center Ladies Night w SK

Just a quick thanks to ProX Home3 Centers for hosting this years Ladies Night.

What a fabulous turnout and such talent abound in this valley. You ladies were such fun and make me feel welcomed to your community. Now I'm part, and I thank you.

SK on Elderberry

WindThrough The Willows with SK

Wind Through The Willows.

 An old cracked leather chair deserves additional life with SK

My first go round with this cracked leather chair didn't turn out brilliantly. I could not fix or disguise the leathers multiple cracks.

My decision to cover the old leather was a hard one. I so wanted to keep the old leather. Twas not to be.

Using painters canvas tarp, I covered the entire fabric of the chair.

I then began to paint. That's what happens when a blank canvas is dropped into my lap.

I could not find a braid the correct color, so using the chalk paint to dye the braid and it came through with flying colors. Sorry bad pun... 
Chickadees gather to share warmth on this cold winter day, on the only branch they could find. Lucky they chose my chair. Thank to the Graphic Fairy for the pretty birds. The Graphic Fairy is the very best place to find amazing graphics.
My design was an attempt at simplicity. Hmmmmm.

I will be sealing this canvas with Scotch Guard fabric protection. Waxing her is not an option because the wax isn't truly "clear".  It yellows fabric a bit.

The Secret Door with SK

A Simple, Inexpensive Door Into Magic

These are the doors installed in our new home. Simple builder's grade doors. Hollow core with a white painted finish from the factory.

Not my idea of some kind of wonderful.

Not pretty at all. Well at least not what I was dreaming of.
My ideas don't always make sense to other people. A simple cure...or so I thought.

Using a circular saw, we cut the top curved panel out.

Using strips of thin masonite I filled the inner cut edge. I then used carpenters wood filler to caulk the gaps between the door and the masonite filler.

As this was drying I used a simple vine stencil to make a 3-D design.
I painted both sides a flat black chalk paint. I love damask designed paper. I turned the door over and papered the bottom panel.  After it dried I sanded it back and antiqued the paper.

I acid etched a simple striped and damask design onto the the glass insert which will go into the upper panel cutout.

The upper curve is accentuated with a 3-D damas design. I painted it black then whitewashed?limed wash, which I wiped off leaving a soft old look.

The front is painted with Modern Master Metal Effects Paint. Copper and iron

The clear bubble glass knobs were painted with a teal glass paint. The knob back is painted with rust and copper effects paint.