Pure White and Burlap RS Birthday with SK

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Weeks of creative work went into hand-making these lovely burlap and lace flower arrangements.
Ball jars, of course, were dipped in gold glitter and wrapped in white lace. Over a hundred flowers of varying sizes, shapes and embellishments were  a few weeks challenge.

Chef Darcy of Silver Spoon Cakes from Salt Lake City was the event coordinator and artist.

Oregon Through Utah to Texas Keith

Texas Keith Red, White and Blues

Decorating on the fly and on the cheap with Chef Darcy of Silver Spoon Cakes in Salt Lake City.

Sweet Lizzie Rose Two

Onward and Upward With Sweet Lizzie Rose

An eight hundred mile trip to finish Lizzie Rose's pretty little room. This cottage is over a hundred years old and built from brick. Without an investment in time these old houses can look forlorn and abused.

Chef Darcy of Silver Spoon Cakes from Salt Lake City requested this cute redo.