SK's White Oaks. A Previous Life

SK's Previous Life.

What a roller coaster ride life can be. This part of my life was wonderous. Exhaustingly wonderous. I can cross being a B&B hostess off my bucket list now. The amazing things I learned will last forever. The friends which were made will influence me forever. Thanks for the great memories.
SK Sartell Painted and Design
Carole Marie: SK, thank you for allowing me to visit White Oaks Bed and Breakfast. There is such a feeling of comfort there beginning with your warm welcome, the scent of fresh baked cookies, the plush bedding in every room, the water features… ahhh, truly a relaxing get-away. What made you decide to open a bed and breakfast?

SK: Thank you Carole, for taking time to make the trip to White Oaks.
White Oaks has been a long term dream. As a professional artist and interior designer, my bed and breakfast seemed to be a logical next step. I wanted to share the dream we had created. The thought just makes me smile.

Carole Marie: The first thing I noticed when I walked inside is the d├ęcor…the hardwood floors, the leaf embedded walls, the copper-topped kitchen counter. Everything is exquisitely and tastefully done. How long did it take you to create such a visual feast for the eyes?

SK: Ron and I built White Oaks from the ground up. The construction took a total of nine months of twelve hour days, six days a week.
I designed the house in a French farm style, with the structure being stucco/concrete with twelve inch walls and high ceilings. We hand textured the interior walls with a heavy trowel finish which we painted a cream and antiqued with a coffee colored glaze. The interior was designed to be comfortable and non-pretentious. The furniture is mostly recycled and refurbished. I am reluctant to buy new when we can make old things look great.
The attention White Oaks has received is astounding. I designed with function and comfort as the primary focus and my art the secondary. What I didn’t realize is others wanted and couldn’t find this kind of designing.
The cabinets were built by Ron. Each cabinet was designed for a specific purpose. He laughs knowing the cabinets in the entire house cost just a few hundred dollars. The cabinet glass cost more than the cabinets themselves.
I designed the kitchen by the square inch. As a houseful of cooks and chefs it was imperative that the kitchen worked efficiently.
The counters are indestructible concrete and copper. Useful, beautiful, and again non-pretentious. The more nicks and dings the better they look in my opinion.

Carole Marie: Your menu looks scrumptious! Please tell me about a favorite breakfast you create for your guests.
SK: I learned good basic farm cooking from my mother and grandmother. Stuffed French toast is among the favorites requested by guests. We always use the seasons best fruits to create our French toast. I make a homemade fruit syrup to compliment the toast. Fresh whipped cream, freshly ground coffee and chilled fresh fruit are always a must. Italian sausage with a maple glaze are a tasty side.

Carole Marie: Silverton,Oregon may be a small town, but it is rich in history and ambiance. What are some advantages to being located there?

SK: Silverton is a nice place, tucked in the foothills the way it is. We have killer views, plenty of recreational choices for the sports enthusiast or camping fanatic. Yet slow enough pace for those who want to shake the urban off their Nikes, but with classy little pockets of culture, and a reasonable drive from several major metro areas.
Opportunities for golf, fishing, hiking and other manner of outdoor recreation such as Silver Falls are within a few miles from Silverton’s charming streets and old buildings. The small boutiques and great restaurants are a favorite of White Oaks discerning guests.
Silver Creek bisects the town with the quaint walking bridges adjoined by our public parks. The amazing farm based landscapes continues to inspire those that visit.
We seem to have more artists and art lovers than other towns of Oregon.
Silverton is central to great Oregon attractions such as the state capital, skiing, hiking, biking, Mt. Hood, Columbia River, ocean beaches.
Carole Marie: How exciting to have White Oaks featured in the magazine pages of Better Homes and Gardens, Distinctive Kitchen Design, Cottage Style and Small Rooms Decorating! Is there anything else in the works you’d like to share with us?
SK: The bed and breakfast takes up a big part of my time. Our guests are looking for something very special and memorable. I am determined to provide excellent service and memories to smile about.
With the leisure time remaining, I find myself working with clients on home design and interior design. I don’t have the need to travel quite as often, as I can create a big part of my work over the internet.
The works still to be done are innumerable. {Just breathe SK!} I am currently working on my custom free-form rugs which are sent all over the world. You almost have to feel sorry for my family.
I have also been painting and upscaling old furniture and painting upholstery.
Fun Times. Big Smiles