SK's Field of Dreams

From sad to pretty dang happy.

I have the most amazing clients. Heidi is the creator and owner of Pine Lodge Labradoodles and finds wonderful treasures for very little money. I'm not sure how she is at the right place at the right time, all the time. She finds great deals and they land at my door, waiting their turn for a fresh lease on life.
This big abused lady was purchased for $30.00
Solid wood crowns, doors and base moldings. The sides are typical pressboard. She is over 7' tall and 3+ wide and 24" deep.

Her previous life was a TV cabinet. With the advent of flat screen TV's these  big heavy cabinets are finding themselves out of a job as entertainment centers.

We can always find a perfect place for these retired, plain pieces.

After sanding and cleaning, I paint the entire cabinet inside and out with cream chalk paint. I sand between three coats of paint.

The door panels are then decoupaged with pretty paper. After the paper is dry, I sand a bit to show wear and coat with a flat poly.

The beautiful knobs, which come from Hobby Lobby, were a part of the inspiration for this cabinet. The handles were to be placed in different spots than the originals, and I wanted them to show off a bit. I carved a diamond back plate with edges to match the doors molding. Then the diamonds were painted with cream paint.

The raised stencil designs and name were created using  Modern Masters Sculpting Putty and their amazing Metal Effects Paint in iron. It paints on black and when misted with the reactive solution, it actually rusts. I never get tired of watching this unique process.

I antique the outside cream paint with the rusting iron paint in corners and along crevices.
As the outside of the cabinet is curing I start the interior.

Each interior wall was decoupaged with pretty paper. I coated the interior with two coats of satin poly for durability.
Decoupaged interior with white with black polka dot tissue paper. I cut small pieces, adding layer upon layer to create the dog.

The beautiful glass knobs are from Hobby Lobby.
As the interior is drying I wax the entire exterior of the cabinet with a clear paste wax. After the wax had dried, I buff for an old world glow.

When the interior is dry, I antique all the paper with a chocolate glaze and then wipe off. This gives me the appearance of age I love.

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