Literally From Rags to Riches with SK

Exacting every ounce of creativity from a woeful old chair.

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SK's Poppy Chair

This little office chair was bound for the dump.
Poor baby, she had given her all for many, many years.

She was on her way to an anonymous end. Unexpected things happen in my sub-consciousness when I see an old miserable piece of furniture. The swirls of "what Ifs?" start zipping through my mind. Can it be saved from a woeful end and what could I do to brighten it's future?

Could she be loved again?
I brought her home against the better judgment of hubby.

I bought two painters canvas tarps planning to try my hand at reupholstering....Who was I kidding?

After painting a couple of yards with a large damask stencil I starting to strip the old chair. I love the creative process more than the actual work of getting the chair recovered.

Carefully trying to take each section off in the reverse order of how it was previously attached.
It made sense to me to try to use these pieces as my pattern. As this was happening I found the pieces were in such dire straights they just shredded. Sooooo.....I had to make my own pattern.
The arms were covered first, then  the seat, the front bottom of the seat, each side, the front back and finally the back piece.

I wanted a very eclectic look. So the painting came as I finished each section. I added a damask here and a free-handed poppy there. Filling spaces with French lettering, butterflies, birds  and swirls from The Graphics Fairy
   Using simple acrylic paints I started to paint in my outlines.
As I started to complete the basic drawings I couldn't wait till the actual painting began.

My poppies are a favorite subject. And I wanted a very hot pop of color to balance the cream and the black damask.

The Graphics Fairy

Design balance is important in a crazy piece like this.

It had to be fun but the heaviness of the black damask needed a strong balance or the chair would feel off balance and whacked.

I am going to add buttons to pull the back into a diamond pattern.

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