Dumpster Diving?

Oh come on. You know stuff is thrown away which shouldn't be. Most of the time we're  too distracted, too tired or just can't come up with an idea of "what the heck can ya do with this piece of junk"?

A huge amount of my creativity comes from others throw-a-way stuff. I want to re-use, re-furbish and the old green word "recycle" I was doing this before they went and ruined the word...

These solid oak deck chairs had seen better days. Left to rot in the sun and figured for lost. Use some common sense, practicability and fun. What can you do with it? Will it still look like old junk when your finished? Did you waste your time?

Sometimes a little elbow grease, tongue between the teeth work will reward you with a prize. Sometimes all the hard work in the world can't save a piece. This time I won...Yee Haw.

See You Soon!