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A very large gull wing back chair has been in storage for decades. 

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What Are Dreams Made OF

 My owner had no idea what to do with it other than have it re-upholstered. So he just sits. Lonely and scared of ending up back at a discount store.

 Most of the fabric was in relatively good condition. There were several worn spots and the piping was worn and ragged.
The upholstery  route was the easiest, yet she hesitated. It seemed her sad chair was destined for something a bit more.

The owner approached me with the hopes and curiosity of the upholstery perhaps being dyed or painted.

Hmmm....Let's see. Yup, I'm gonna paint this puppy. I had never painted such old and worn fabrics before, so this was going to be a treasure hunt. If I don't mess it up. Her attitude was " If we don't like it, no harm no foul:. We can just have it upholstered in the traditional way."

Alright then. Here I go....Not knowing what I was getting myself into.
Using a beautiful lace I covered and hand sewed the lace to the time-worn roll arms.
I lightly cleaned the fabric. Then very lightly sanded using a 400 grit sandpaper. This helped raise the fibers.
Using my personal custom chalked paints, I began by painting a very light coat on damp fabric.

I painted five coats in the same manner. Always dampening the fabric first.
When all the fabric was cream with no fabric showing, I let her dry.

The cream stripes were painted in a gloss, so to just have a slight presence.

The pictures above were my first attempt. I walked away for some weeks. This chair seemed to growl and mumble, every time I walked into the studio. I would growl back and walk away...
The Graphics Fairy is the  best place for graphics I use. They are amazing. I can always be certain Karen will have what I am dreaming of. And I appreciate her efforts to continually update her archives.
Thanks Karen and The Graphics Fairy. Again! You are my hero!

The seat was unusable from a hundred years of wear. I recovered it with white canvas and then added a beautiful heavy lace. This was then painted to match the background of the chairs body.

Because the right side of the back sections would be seen on entry, my design needed to reflect this.
My client is such a beautiful classy lady and she has a beautiful home, which I have had joy in completing many years of work in design details.

The lace in the upper right is very heavy and sewn on by hand, then painted.

I added the lace to make sense of the chair seat design.
 I also added a bit of lace on the front left corner for balance.

As I finished this piece, I waxed the surface with a clear paste wax. Then buffed for an old shine. I did this three times. This will help protect the painting and keep it from absorbing stains.
The fabric finish feels like soft leather.

I have created other artworks and custom rugs for this exceptional client. Pictures of those works have long been misplaced. I will have time, I hope in our next snow day, to find all these works.
 Thanks for visiting. SK

The Glory Collection Painted Furniture. & SK

Friends from Down Under

I have never had the opportunity to travel the world. Yet I am meeting such amazing people from all over the globe.

Now some one might say this  could be dangerous.  I'm sure. 

Not in my world....

For instance take my artist friend from Australia. Sharleen Wolfe.

Sharleen Wolfe is a local artist who specialises in recycled and repurposed home-wares and furniture.

Located in Southern River, Western Australia. Sharleen has been creating these 'Shabby Chic' pieces for the last seven years. 

Her vision is to find new ways of recycling once loved pieces. By applying traditional hand craft techniques in a new contemporary fashion, she continues to be a frontrunner in the recycled art field. 

Techniques such as upholstery, crochet, wood burning, sewing, stencil, and refurbishing are displayed here. Most pictures shared here are sourced from the net and Pinterest. Unless otherwise stated as belonging to Sharleen. 


Sharleen Wolfe shared The Glory Collection Painted Furniture's video to the group: BLUE COTTAGE GROUP.
I used to be a dance teacher both here in the United States and in Okinawa Japan .

The Glory Collection Painted Furniture added a new video.
7 hrs              'Sk's Studio  @[100019503048679:2048:SK On Elderberry].  The cathedral ceilings are fifteen feet high and face the eastern mountains.Sk hand painted her floors with Modern Masters Metal Effects Paint in Rust and copper patinashttps://sksartell.blogspot.com.au/2016/07/sks-studio.html'Sk's Studio SK On Elderberry. The cathedral ceilings are fifteen feet high and face the eastern mountains.

Sk hand painted her floors with Modern Masters Metal Effects Paint in Rust and copper patinashttps://sksartell.blogspot.com.au/2016/07/sks-studio.html 00:41

Thanks Sharleen.

SK on Elderberry

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SK and Jo's Fantasy Chair

Jo's Fantasy Chair  #painted upholstery #painted fabric

Just a note: There are some projects Which can't be explained with my limited writing abilities. So I will just start. There's always a beginning. Maybe never an end though.

Jo as close friend, brought me this sad little chair which had been in storage for decades. Half finished and lonely.
The solid mahogany chair needed a bit of love and care. A new life or it was eventually going to the dump I'm sure. Interestingly she also had been storing a couple of yards of old fashioned pillow ticking. Why not use it to cover the chair.  Inspiration is a odd thing. Sometimes it comes unbidden and other times you couldn't pay it to visit...

For an odd reason she trusts me, giving me complete freedom in painting this piece. Scary thought huh?

First off, know this, I am not an upholsterer. I just dive in and make it look as good as I can. Sorry professional upholsterers...

Using the ticking, I ironed pleats into parts for the front of the chair. Then upholstered the rest. The back is painted with my custom chalk paint.
Jo is a garden fairy and loves her beautiful flower gardens. She was my inspiration for her chair.
My all time favorite graphic archive is The Graphic Fairy.
The dragonflies are a big part of Jo's garden and they are beloved.
Using my chalk paints and acrylics, I painted the background watercolor wet-on-wet. This works well on fabrics and watercolor paper. It just fades nicely into the background. A fun little backdrop.
 Jo thinks this little tyke looks like me. Really? Thanks Jo. How funny.
A bit younger by 60 yrs.
 As a child on the farm, we called these wishes. 
How appropriate.
I think it looks awfully fun in my volunteer pumpkin patch. Just a bit of magic.