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Friends from Down Under

I have never had the opportunity to travel the world. Yet I am meeting such amazing people from all over the globe.

Now some one might say this  could be dangerous.  I'm sure. 

Not in my world....

For instance take my artist friend from Australia. Sharleen Wolfe.

Sharleen Wolfe is a local artist who specialises in recycled and repurposed home-wares and furniture.

Located in Southern River, Western Australia. Sharleen has been creating these 'Shabby Chic' pieces for the last seven years. 

Her vision is to find new ways of recycling once loved pieces. By applying traditional hand craft techniques in a new contemporary fashion, she continues to be a frontrunner in the recycled art field. 

Techniques such as upholstery, crochet, wood burning, sewing, stencil, and refurbishing are displayed here. Most pictures shared here are sourced from the net and Pinterest. Unless otherwise stated as belonging to Sharleen.

Sharleen Wolfe shared The Glory Collection Painted Furniture's video to the group: BLUE COTTAGE GROUP.
I used to be a dance teacher both here in the United States and in Okinawa Japan .

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7 hrs              'Sk's Studio  @[100019503048679:2048:SK On Elderberry].  The cathedral ceilings are fifteen feet high and face the eastern mountains.Sk hand painted her floors with Modern Masters Metal Effects Paint in Rust and copper patinas'Sk's Studio SK On Elderberry. The cathedral ceilings are fifteen feet high and face the eastern mountains.

Sk hand painted her floors with Modern Masters Metal Effects Paint in Rust and copper patinas 00:41

Thanks Sharleen.

SK on Elderberry

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SK and Jo's Fantasy Chair

Jo's Fantasy Chair  #painted upholstery #painted fabric

Just a note: There are some projects Which can't be explained with my limited writing abilities. So I will just start. There's always a beginning. Maybe never an end though.

Jo as close friend, brought me this sad little chair which had been in storage for decades. Half finished and lonely.
The solid mahogany chair needed a bit of love and care. A new life or it was eventually going to the dump I'm sure. Interestingly she also had been storing a couple of yards of old fashioned pillow ticking. Why not use it to cover the chair.  Inspiration is a odd thing. Sometimes it comes unbidden and other times you couldn't pay it to visit...

For an odd reason she trusts me, giving me complete freedom in painting this piece. Scary thought huh?

First off, know this, I am not an upholsterer. I just dive in and make it look as good as I can. Sorry professional upholsterers...

Using the ticking, I ironed pleats into parts for the front of the chair. Then upholstered the rest. The back is painted with my custom chalk paint.
Jo is a garden fairy and loves her beautiful flower gardens. She was my inspiration for her chair.
My all time favorite graphic archive is The Graphic Fairy.
The dragonflies are a big part of Jo's garden and they are beloved.
Using my chalk paints and acrylics, I painted the background watercolor wet-on-wet. This works well on fabrics and watercolor paper. It just fades nicely into the background. A fun little backdrop.
 Jo thinks this little tyke looks like me. Really? Thanks Jo. How funny.
A bit younger by 60 yrs.
 As a child on the farm, we called these wishes. 
How appropriate.
I think it looks awfully fun in my volunteer pumpkin patch. Just a bit of magic.

SK's $.50 French Lamp

SK saves an old lamp, bringing it to life with a French twist

Auctions are a blast...

A .50 cent lamp.
 A fat quarter of fabric (left-over)   3M Spray Adhesive.  I spray the surface, not the fabric. Once the fabric is in place, it is very difficult to re-position. Start at one side and gently pull the fabric over the glued surface, making sure there are no creases or bubbles.
The left-over beaded braid was originally  purple. Using chalk paint, I dyed the braid black. (Who knew you could do that?)After it had dried, I sprayed a gloss top coat so the beads would still look, well, like beads.

I hot glued the braid to the underside of the shade. 
Making sure that only the beads would show.
The actual lamp base was a rubbed bronze with gold highlights, Using a hammered black spray paint The gold and bronze disappeared. Yea.
With scraps of my fabric, and a bit of black chiffon, I twisted it together to form a rose.
The center is a pretty, sparkly black button I hot glued into place. 

Using a watered-down bit of brown paint, I antiqued the fabric to a perfect aged patina.
 Thank you Graphics Fairy. You are the best...

I printed out each of the butterflies, then flipped the image and printed them again.

Using  3M spray glue, a piece of curled wire was put on the back of each butterfly. I then glued like butterflies together back-to-back. This made a small wire for their antenna and a wire to glue under the fabric rose.  I bent the wings to a natural pose. This gives it a little bit of fun, not normal... I have never been accused of being NORMAL.
I lover flutterbies.

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Poppin' Up Possies with SK

As each flower and leaf was placed, the design began to take shape.

 A Sisters Dream Room

Two sisters joyfully share a little dream, which they know Nana can create for them.
It all starts with the sweet colors of teal, pinks and corals.
The tree trunk and branches are painted directly onto the wall and ceiling. Decorative paper is used to make 3-D leaves and flowers. I pinched the leaf bottoms together to give them a more dimentional apperanace. Then using thumb tacks, just simply tack them in place.

 The oldest of the sisters wanted to be a part of her rooms creation. She had such fun working with her Nana.
The bright green cabinet was created using an old, worn, black armoire. Her insides are painted teal.
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