Using What You've Got

When a gift is given I look at it with a very open eye and mind. What could it be used for? What kind of life can I give it. Is it needed and usable. If not for me then as a gift for someone.

Canning The Light

I loved canning with my mom. Good fresh picked farm food from our own gardens. I never saw a grocery bought vegetable till I got married. So I have a fondness for these beautiful old canning jars.

I used six different types 0f Ball canning jars and figured out how to make them into lights for my little cottage. I try to surround myself with things which remind me of my farm life. They make me smile.

Good thing I have a an amazing hubby whom will work with me tirelessly. Sorry I didn't take progress pictures showing how this was accomplished. there are many tutorials on the internet.

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SK's Fridge to Vintage Steamer Trunk

With the amazing photo talent of Carole Marie my vintage steamer trunk comes to life.

Painted Lady French Doors

Painted Lady French Doors

I used these old french doors to experiment with light, dark and texture effects.. The color and painted effects make me smile.
The doors were left without any varithane or other protectant. With the moisture in Oregon I need to make sure these doors are waterproof. I took some time figuring out a fun and unusual color combination and texture.  An old plastic lace tablecloth came in handy. I have one that is multi-painted from various projects. It's fun just by itself. Painting clothes, tarps and such have a story to tell. Don't get rid of them. My girls have taken a pair of my thirty year old painting pants, cut them up, matted and framed the best parts as a memory of our colorful past...

SK's Tissue Paper & Copper Walls

I love small interesting spaces. So when I designed this 4'x5' guest bath I had some decisions to make. It had very tall ceilings and light pine floors so I could do just about anything I wanted color wise. But I also wanted an interesting texture on the walls.

This a fun but messy project.

SK Dislikes Stainless Steel

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I can't say much after that title, because the statement is horribly true. I Hate Stainless Steel. Hey the stuff looks great. Until...Kids get to it. Or hubby. Or Me. I must admit.

The stuff seems to glom onto fingerprints. We were constantly trying to find a way of keeping it shiny and free of greasy fingerprints. So here ya go...

SK's Little Worn Out Hutch

I needed to dig deep to save this poor little baby. Found in a farmers field, it had seen better days. The interior was covered with old wallpaper and glue. Stripping it was an adventure. I found old news clips and ads.

A Little French Bistro

This poor baby was left in the weather too long and was so upset it started to split. It needed to be completely sanded down to the wood. I then wood patched the rotted areas and sanded.
SK Sartell's Bistro Table